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SCHL Play-Off Preview

Division Match-Ups and What to Expect

SCHL  February 18th, 2011 at 2:15PM  February 18th, 2011 2:15PM
The SCHL Regional Playoffs will take place Friday March 4th through Sunday March 6th at Lone Star Arena in Denton, TX. The regional playoffs feature three SCHL division brackets, with teams competing in best 2 of 3 series. This article details what to expect for seeding and scheduling for each division.

A note regarding the venue for play-offs

The league had originally committed to scheduling our largest event of the season, the All-Star weekend, at 3 Star in Houston, followed by the regional playoff event at Lone Star in Denton.  While circumstances in Houston forced us to relocate the all-star weekend, the league is contractually obligated to uphold our original commitment to hold the playoff event at Lone Star. We greatly appreciate the character and commitment shown by the league's players throughout the season as we have all worked together to make the best of a challenging rink situation.

Seeding and playoff eligibility

Because of the ice and snow storms that disrupted early February, the SCHL extended the deadline for enrollment verifications. Once we receive the EVs from all of our clubs, we will be able to confirm player eligibility, verify team win totals from the regular season, and determine A/B team roster status for the playoffs. We expect to have that information ready for clubs by Monday of next week.

Please keep in mind the following SCHL rules regarding eligibility and team rosters. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact us at [email protected] immediately for clarification.
  1. It is each team's responsibility to confirm that their players are enrolled in the minimum number of hours for participation in the league. As noted both at the League Annual Meeting and in the rule book, this is 9 hours for undergraduate students and the equivalent of 6 hours for graduate students. If a club rostered a player with fewer than the minimum required hours for any games, those games are forfeit.

  2. To be eligible for participation in the playoffs, a player must have been rostered for at least 6 games with their club. These games may have taken place on either the club's A team or B team, or any combination of the two.
  1. If a club has both an A team and a B team, any player who is rostered for at least 6 games with the A team is locked to the A team roster for the duration of the playoffs. Players with fewer than 6 games played with the A team can be assigned to either the A or B team for the duration of the playoffs, at their club's discretion.
  1. Once a player is assigned to an A or B team playoff roster, they are locked to that roster for the duration of the playoffs and may not be moved between their club's teams.
  1. All uniform requirements will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions made for any reason.

Division 1
Elimination Round: Saturday, March 5th

First Seed: North Texas


Fourth Seed: University of Texas

Second Seed: Texas A&M


Third Seed: Sam Houston State University

Final Round: Sunday, March 6th

Winner of 1v4 vs Winner of 2v3

Division 2

Note: SFA and UNO finished the regular season tied for 2nd place. The first tie-breaker is head-to-head record, which SFA leads 2-1.

Elimination Round 1: Friday, March 4th (evening)

Third Seed: New Orleans


Sixth Seed: University of Texas at Arlington

Fourth Seed: Louisiana Tech


Fifth Seed: University of Texas at Dallas

Elimination Round 2: Saturday, March 5th

First Seed: Texas Tech


Lowest Remaining Seed

Second Seed: Stephen F. Austin State


2nd Lowest Remaining Seed

Final Round

Matchup to be determined

B Division

Note: B division seeding is still to be determined, based on results of the February 26th and 27th B Division event.

Elimination Round: Saturday, March 5th

B Seed 1


B Seed 4

B Seed 2


B Seed 3

Final Round: Sunday, March 6th

Winner of 1v4 vs Winner of 2v3

All clubs please note: The winner of each division earns an automatic bid to the NCRHA National Championship Tournament. This tournament is the premier annual event in the sport of inline hockey and it is an honor for you, your school, and the league for you to earn an opportunity to participate. Please start preparing for the possibility that you could receive a bid to nationals and avoid the embarrassment of having to decline the chance to play the best hockey of your life!

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