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Southwest Collegiate Hockey League

2014 All Star Rosters Announced

The SCHL is proud to announce our 2014 All-Stars

SCHL  February 14th, 2014 at 9:43PM  February 15th, 2014 6:25PM

The process is always difficult as there are so many great players in the league and many that are surely deserving of the honor.  This year the Board of Directors has selected the following players to participate in the SCHL All-Star game on Saturday Feb 15 at 7pm

  Team Mission
  Home- White Jersey
  Player Team
1  Frank James SFA
2  Ryn Burke SFA
3  Seth Doty TXST
4  Dominic Jackson TXST
5  Nick Jones TXST
6  Matt Robinson ARK
7  Sean Hendrick ARK
8  Patrick Price ARK
G1  Nico Trevino TXST
G2  Hunter Stafford ARK
Coach  Chris Herron SFA


  Team Revision
  Away- Dark Jersey
  Player Team
1  Mason Bakken SHSU
2  Patrick Dumas ACU
3  Lance Mullens ACU
4  Alex Best OSU
5  Josh Lodatto LTU
6  Nate Tichenor LTU
7  Nate Doyle UNT
8  Grant Jackson UNT
G1  Brandon Stafford UNT
G2  Drew Miller OSU
Coach  Johny Spencer ACU

The following players from Texas Tech are also All Stars, however unable to play this weekend:

Robbie Price, Stuart Freiner, Jerry Staley


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