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NCRHA Divisional Restructure FAQs

 July 23rd, 2018 at 11:07AM  July 23rd, 2018 4:15PM

NCRHA has put together the following FAQs in regards to the Divisional Resttructure for the 2018-2019 season, in response to the questions asked on social media and via email since the announcement was made.  We hope this clarifies a few things for all teams.


Q: What happens to secondary teams?

A: Pretty much everything stays the same with secondary teams, except that name of the division they are classified in nationally is changing from Division III to Division IV. They still play whoever they are scheduled to play against by their conference directors, and clubs are still eligible to send one team to nationals in Division IV if they receive a bid.


Q: Can secondary teams play in Division III?

A: No, Division III is a division for primary teams only. In some conferences it is possible or even likely that secondary teams will play some Division III teams during the regular season, but secondary teams may only play in Division IV at the National Championships.


Q: How does the new Divisional Structure affect regular-season conference games and schedules?
A: Conferences are still empowered to create game schedules for all clubs and to determine which games will count toward regular season standings and conference playoffs.


Q: What about old D4 teams? Are they all now part of Division III?

A: Teams that were previously classified as D4 teams may now choose to participate as Division III programs, or may choose a more limited status as an Affiliate.


Q: Previously teams playing a limited schedule in D4 were not eligible for Nationals. Are they eligible now for Nationals?

A: Those that choose to play in Division III will be eligible to receive a bid for the National Championships. Those programs that are less organized and are unable to participate in Division III may still be eligible to participate in an NCRHA conference in a limited capacity, but they would be classified as an ‘Affiliate’ and would not be eligible for Nationals.


Q: What should determine if Division II or Division III is right for our primary team?

A: . Division III is intended for clubs that are newer, still developing, are re-organizing, or facing logistical challenges that make it difficult to be competitive in the higher divisions. Clubs in the new Division III are typically not as well organized as those in the new Division II, and as travel may be more logistically challenging, will be focused mainly on playing other programs within their conferences. However, they will not be prohibited from playing interconference games.

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